Hamilton County WWTA

Summer 2013

Sanitary Sewer Collection Systems
Contract Administration-Survey

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Gravity Sewers
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East Brainerd Road Sewer Relocation
Chattanooga, TN

East Brainerd Road is one of the main corridors by which residents in Hamilton County, TN travel to and from the City of Chattanooga to their homes in outlying subdivisions like those located in Apison, TN. In an effort to relieve traffic problems, Hamilton County, in conjunction with the TN Department of Transportation (TDOT), has made plans to widen the existing two-lane road to a five-lane road with bicycle lanes and sidewalks.

On select portions of this road widening project, there are conflicts with sanitary sewer lines that need to be addressed. For this project, Passpointe has designed the relocation of approximately 3,000 linear feet of gravity sewer line adjacent to, and in conjunction with, the TDOT widening of East Brainerd Rd. from Morrison Hill Rd. to east of Banks Road. This project not only involved the re-design of the existing gravity sewer system, but also the re-connection of the associated collection lines from adjacent service areas, and a future flow analysis with an option to increase the size of the gravity interceptor.

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