Artech Design Group

Summer 2013

Site Development
Storm Water Management
Erosion Control/SWPPP

Design Features:
Low Impact Development (LID)
LEED Certified
Bio-Retention Ponds
Brownfield Re-Development


Fire Station No. 9 - City of Chattanooga
Chattanooga, TN

The historic community of East Lake, which is the most southern central area of Chattanooga, has been served by a single company fire hall since August of 1927. This Station, located at the corner of 6th Avenue and 37th Street, was the oldest station still in use by the Fire Department at that time. To serve the community of East Lake with the latest equipment and the highest standards, the Chattanooga Fire Department decided to build a new station a couple of blocks away. The new Station will be constructed on 8th Avenue to serve this historic community.

The site design included the re-development of a previous manufacturing site, so existing unsuitable foundation soils were removed and replaced with compacted fill. The unsuitable soils were re-used on-site to shape an otherwise flat site. Berms and hills were built and landscaped, thus containing the soils on the original site. 

The project also consisted of site design methods to achieve LEED certification. High reflective materials were specified for pavement and hardscapes to reduce the heat island effect. To reduce site water-use native vegetation was utilized in the design for landscaping and erosion control. The site’s storm water runoff from the impervious areas is directed to two bio-retention ponds. These ponds were designed to treat the first one-inch of runoff and to reduce the site’s peak flow to below pre-development rates.

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