Yerbey Concrete Construction

March 2012

Site Development
Storm Water Management
Road & Parking Lot Design

Design Features:
Underground Detention
Rainwater Harvesting/Reuse
Pervious Pavement

Market Street at First Street - Republic Parking
Chattanooga, TN

The parcel at the corner of Market and First Streets had contained a three story building in the past. This building had been demolished, leaving an unsightly hole in the ground surrounded by wire fencing for several years. This was the scene directly across Market Street from the infamous Tennessee Aquarium and Plaza.

Passpointe took the hole from the past and developed a parking area that blended into the scenic nature of the area, while containing the entire site’s stormwater on site. Pervious pavers were used to capture and direct storm water into underground detention and infiltration tanks, while also containing a specific volume to be reused to irrigate the new landscaping.



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