University of Tennessee Chattanooga

January 2012

Site Development
Stormwater Management
Road & Parking Lot Design
Contract Administration - Construction

Design Features:
Bio-Retention Ponds
Underground Detention
Parks & Open Spaces


University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Parking Lot 7
Chattanooga, TN

The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, located in the heart of Chattanooga, is metropolitan university and a very busy campus. One of the most heavily traveled intersections, for both vehicles and pedestrians, is located at the corner of E 5th Street and Douglas Street. At the southeast corner of this intersection sat an old parking lot, covering the underlying crisscrossing of a multitude of utilities, steam piping, sewers, and valves. This was Parking Lot 7, covered with patches and utility access covers, exiting into the busy street intersection, and spilling its stormwater runoff into the mix.

The goal of this project was to create a welcoming vision of the campus while providing as many parking spaces as possible, and to manage the storm water runoff per the local ordinances for treatment and detention. Passpointe Engineering, with the help of the Landscape Architect section of Ross-Fowler, achieved this by implementing Low Impact Development (LID) principles. The traffic flow thru the parking area was better defined, eliminating one entrance. Storm water was captured and filtered in a series of three bio-retention ponds, one of which also included an underground detention reservoir due to depth limitations from existing utilities. Retaining Walls were added to contain the ponds and the new elevations, while also providing a back drop for new and colorful landscaping. Roller-compacted concrete pavement was installed by the use of a high-density paver, and proved to be aesthetically pleasing as well as durable.


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